If you have great challenges to accomplish, if you feel that something in your life has to change, if you want to do more, have more, “be” more, but you don’t know how to do it and where to start, then, Coaching gives you the opportunity to pull out your potential, to put order in your life and bring “dreams” to you.

As a Coach my role is to “activate” people by enhancing their ability to make the changes necessary to improve their personal and professional lives.

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Coaching with Angela gave me tools that still help me to deal more consciously with the different situations both in professional and personal life. I have learned not to lose energy for things I cannot control, to have always clear the “Big Picture”, to be more focus on my desires and my priorities. Angela demonstrates professionality but not detachment, she helps you without overpower you, she stimulates you not create anxiety. I think she is the right person to accompany you on the growth and awareness “path”!

Simona I.

When I had to face the most confusing time in my life, Angela gave me the tools to better understand myself and focus on the right goals, always putting me at ease and carefully listening to me, with such a kindness and professionalism you will hardly find elsewhere.

Alice L.

When I contacted Angela, I was particularly vulnerable. I was losing my job after working for ten years in the same company, and I did not know what to do and how to find a new job. I was also very confused because I was not sure I still wanted to be an employee, I had many ideas, but I was also very scared. Angela helped clear my head and identify precise and achievable objectives. She taught me how to focus on my needs, strengths and weaknesses and get a full vision of my life. Her support during that period was crucial, because, thanks to her, I was able to look inside myself and understand who I was and what I wanted. Angela gave me the theoretical and practical tools I needed to better exploit my inner resources (both professional and personal), so that I could change my professional life, and she made me realize that the experience I was going through was just an opportunity to make a change. And she was right.

Simona V.

Angela has been an important guide in my career over the last 2 years. Thanks to her competence and professionalism, I looked inside myself and focused on the things I had to improve, I gave up the same working approach and I finally took action. A useful path to deal with major changes or to improve myself, which is apparently less relevant but still important to live with more balance and awareness where we spent most of our life: at work.

Sergio DP

My Coaching experience with Angela helped me see my professional career from another perspective and explore methods and solutions for achieving my goals that I had not taken into account yet.

Simona M.